Texas Meteorite
is a unique gift

Perfect gift for friends and family. Now you can own a piece of Texas. The Texas "Meteorite" is good luck piece that'll hold the interest of everyone. They've all been picked up from the earth in west Texas and each one is unique. They all come in different sizes and various colors. They are glued to business size card describing them as being a original Texas "Meterorite" good luck piece that comes from the state of Texas. Why not order one today? These are not animal feces or animal droppings.

Each piece is only $3 each plus $2 shipping=$ 5.00 Four of them for $10 with only $3 shipping=$13.00 They vary in size from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in size & come in round or different shapes and colors

mixed collection

Larger ones that are 2 inches and bigger that are big enough to be paperweights are only $20 each, plus a $5 shipping charge. These are a unique and different gift that'll be enjoyed by one receiving it.

mixed collection

Send your order today to:
P.O. BOX 3358
Big Spring, Texas 79721