J. Gale Kilgore

I'm a recording artist and songwriter that learned how to play the guitar in Viet Nam. When I got back here, I played in area bars and cut many records. I had a TV show in the 70's that never hit it big time, but many of the songs still play in Europe, Australia, New Zealand. I own Eye-ball records and I sang on: Stardust comp CD#29, EH King's comp CD #19 & Western Hearts comp CD.

I want to help the songwriters of today that may be writing good lyrics, but they do not have a way to get all their lyrics composed into a song that may be the next top 10 hit. Below are songs I composed and made demo of for Glenn Smith, the owner of the Original Song Site who is a writter of lyrics only. You can visit his site from menu that's at bottom of the page.

If song stops or buffers while it is playing, this means too many are trying to play the same song at once, try playing another one If any song fails to play on a present player, go here for a free player or update if needed If songs don't play for you, you can email me for CD or cassette tape demo's I have made.

*Judy Fink is also co-writer
**Christine Peeler co-writer
Hear our songs about
the USA terror attacks
Santa Will
Always Reignİ
I Remember
Christmas Dayİ
Santa Rides
Christmasİ The Times
I'll Missİ
Through a
Child's Eyesİ
When A Child
Is Abusedİ
The Way He
Once Wasİ
Everyday Is
A Blessingİ
I Can View My
Don't Blame meİ
You're Wasting
Your Lifeİ
* I'm Sorry I Made
My Angel Cryİ
Where Are All
Our Heroesİ
** I've Had No
Greater Loveİ
The Day We
Pass Awayİ
Little Arms
And Eyesİ
We Can't Force
A Feelingİ
Is Hellİ
Live For
I'll Wait
For Youİ
When memories
You Never
Listened Closeİ
You Kept
Nothing Hidİ
Wishes, Hopes
And Dreamsİ
When Someone
Tells A Lieİ
My World Has
Your Past Might
Haunt youİ
We Are The
They Wait To
Go Homeİ
Making Wrong Decisionsİ

Gospel songs
*Judy Fink also co-writer
He Hurt Tooİ Our Bridges
Are Burnedİ
Should We Give
Less Than Godİ
I'm Not
Missing Muchİ
Without Our
Gift To Seeİ
* God Picked
A Flowerİ
The Decision
Is Hisİ
Everytime I
Am Blessedİ
God Is
Watching Youİ
Respect is
Not Shownİ
God's Eyesİ
The Bible
Says To Planİ
He Watched
His Son Dieİ
Ain't It
Who Is Godİ
Love Touches
I Will Keep
Getting Upİ
God's Word Will
Be Finalİ
Unspoken Wordsİ
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